The North: Reconnecting With Canada

by Paul "The Iceman" Mondor

Hello, BMWRVI!

I thought I would let you know what I am up to this winter so you can follow us from the comfort of their homes.

I am going on a 10,000 km trek that will take us on two of the most northern ice roads in Canada. Fort McMurray to Fort St. John and then to Inuvik and on the ice road to Tuktayaktuk. This is a project that is supported by Rogers Networks as well as Open Film and Curbsyde productions. The offices of Tourism from BC, AB, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut are also supporting us. BMW is giving us two new F800 GS equipped to my liking as well as the use of a new BMW Gran Turismo as our support vehicle. We will travel through the amazing Canadian North and explore not only all the geographical wonders it offers, but discover and expose the cultures and the people along the way.

We will present from a motorcyclist’s point of view what makes Canada’s North one of the world’s most renowned places. There will be dog sledding, Northern Lights hunting, ice rallies and all sorts of different social activities with the Inuit and other inhabitants. This will be a first. The format is new and the approach is also new, as it is not about bikes. It is about us seeing the north from behind our visors. I hope you will enjoy it.

Learn more at rwcnorth.tv/.


Happy New Year!

It's always a great day to ride a BMW on Vancouver Island, and the first day of 2011 was no exception, except for maybe how exceptionally beautiful the day was!

Thanks to Bob and Janette for having us over after our annual toast for some terrific chili, cornbread and some great conversation.

Have a look at our photo gallery to see who turned out and what a few of us did when presented with some sunshine and the beach!


TROC New Year's Day

Hello, all riders,

I’m seeking RSVPs and providing a reminder about details for the TROC on 1ST Jan:

1300 Meet at Island View Beach: meet, swap stories, take a dip (Paul is looking for company), toast and group photo.

1400 Travel to/arrive at Bob’s for chili, coffee, more stories, motorcycle videos and bowl games. Dress warm for the beach activities and bring a suitable libation for the toast. Cameras are welcome. Coffee, tea & some soft drinks will be available at Bob’s house:

PLEASE RSVP by 28 Dec so that we can make enough chili.


Rider Training Workshops

By Bob Leitch

As part of this year’s ride calendar we will be holding three rider training workshops. The enclosed article describes the five workshops. We are planning three:

Saturday, 19 February, 2011 Street Smart Rider Perception

Saturday, 19 March,2011 Seasoned Rider

Sunday, 03 April, 2011 Group Riding

I am planning to conduct the workshops and prepare the necessary material, but am looking for volunteers to find a location and help with the set-up etc. If there is a member who would like to conduct a session, I will gladly accept and pass the material along. Each session is planned for about an hour, so we will need access for 2-3 hours
In terms of the location, I see three potential types:

a. A party/social room in an apartment or condominium facility;

b. A company conference or class room; and

c. A large family room. The ideal location will come at no cost to the Club and should hold 20 – 25 people.

The area needs to have a large screen TV or an area we can set up a screen and digital projector. It should be a relatively quiet area where the workshop will not be disturbed by people in other nearby areas (e.g. pools, games rooms, etc.). The club will provide snacks and drinks.
Please let me know if

  • You have access to a suitable facility we can use;
  • Can get a digital projector and screen we can use; or
  • Are interested in conducting a session.
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