Watson Lake to Whitehorse

Day 5

Today we started from Watson Lake, another one street town with the most unusual forest. This forest consisted of about 200 or more tall posts in the ground and well over 1000 signs from all over the world fastened to them. It’s better known as the Sign Post Forest.

After hanging our own sign and packing up from our half star motel, we headed for White Horse. The road between the towns were much the same, with swoopy turns, ups and downs, lots of rivers and lakes with wide open spaces filled with magnificent scenery. Some of the lakes were 100 km long. We saw very little wild life. (one weasel, one moose and two hawks).

Whitehorse is very modern in many respects but also has some buildings which are left from yesteryear.

We stopped in for a late lunch and when we came out after, Paul’s bike had a flat back tire. It seemed somewhere in a construction site he rode over a sharp stone that went through the tire and punctured the tube. So, we spent the night and were forced to have a drink in each of the bars on the main authentic street. Next morning, the Honda shop had a new tube in and we were off to Walmart for whatever. He had bought a can of foam patch just in case. He gave it to me, where I put it on my carry sling between the bars. Parked the bike, turned the wheel and punctured the can and had the sticky foam everywhere. After a little clean-up, and a new can, we headed out to Dawson City, which was another full day of much the same. Turns, twists, with wide open spaces and magnificent scenery.