Valdez to Haines Junction

Day 10

We left Valdez in the rain, something we had done upon occasion. We headed into a tight canyon with several waterfalls and by now the rain was left behind on the coast.

After this, we headed up to a pass in the fog. On the other side, heading down, we passed a glacier by the road; the fog was gone. The road was most interesting all the way back to the Alaska Highway at Tok.

Along here were large areas of trees, tall mountains, twists and turns and a few small towns. At one time, on an uphill turn, there was an unmarked dip in the road that launched me clear off the ground. The rpms shot up to 6,000 before touching down, the smell of rubber and a short burst of adrenaline, what a rush! At the ferry terminal another rider told us of a guy who had been thrown off his bike from one of these dips.

From Tok to Haines Junction, was one of the tougher rides due to the dips in the road spent lots of time with weight on the foot pegs and gravel road construction. Being here on a weekend made the construction areas much easier.

The scenery still remained great with the road going by mountains, dense scrub, fir trees and mixing with lakes and moose pastures. Along this stretch of road we saw a moose, three grizzlies, a coyote and a beaver.

The day ended with 954 km (600 miles).