Fort Nelson to Watson Lake


Day 4

Leaving Fort Nelson there are about 100 miles of wide open farm lands before the first mountain pass of Summit Lake Pass, of 1295 meters. Now the road got interesting and wet. As we closed in on the mountains, it was now raining but after a few miles we were out of the rain. The road reminded me of my favourite roads, the ones on a map that say closed for the winter, the kind that are hung on the side of a mountain with lots of turns.

About now at the valley bed beside a river of sorts, magic happened. The road with its twists and turns here combined with just the right speed, whatever that was, made it feel that the bike and the road became one with each other and played with me just along for the ride. This phenomenon has never happened before; just a kind of magic that will be with me forever. The weather was still a little drizzly, so we crossed Toad River passed Laird Hot Springs. (Which I will get into more on the way back).

We were heading for Watson Lake for the night's stop. In this direction, we saw a black bear, a moose and several mountain goats. A while later we saw, five wild buffalo, two young caribou and a momma grizzly bear with 2 cubs.

We had another 510 km of road with many pictures.