BMW Demo Day – April 29

Island BMW indicated that the Demo Day will be Friday, April 29. The new K1600 will be there. Contact Island BMW to sign-up. The sign-up list opened up on April 1.


MSF Guide to Group Riding Training Session

A Motorcycling Safety Foundation Guide to Group Riding training event on motorcycle group riding will be presented by BMWRVI on Sunday, April 10 at 548 Dallas Road in Victoria.

The program will include a viewing of "The MSF Guide to Group Riding" video followed by a discussion featuring Michael Poplawski. This program is intended to present the techniques used when riding with other motorcyclists.

The session will begin at 10 AM sharp which should run between 60-90 minutes. A group ride of up to an hour to a lunch destination will follow, with the destination decided upon by our group!

Motorcyclists with all levels of group riding experience are encouraged to attend.

Please contact Michael Poplawski for more information or to register for the session. Please register by 6 PM Saturday, April 9.


Website Password Change

by Webmaster Michael Poplawski

A benefit of BMWRVI membership is access to the Members Only section of our website at, which includes information such as our Member Directory and our Discussion Forum.

Effective today, a new password for use by members in good standing for 2011 is in effect, and details have been circulated via e-mail.

Once logged in, you can find the Members Only navigation menu beneath the regular Navigation menu on the right side of your browser window.

Please contact me if you require assistance.

Happy riding!


SeasonedRider Safety Workshop, Sunday, March 20

By Bob Leitch

Motorcycle riding requires concentration, balance, and the ability to make quick decisions. The effects of aging can be factors that contribute to crashes. Our next safety workshop is the SeasonedRider, with a goal to acquaint participants with the general effects of aging on the skills necessary to ride safely and share actions and ideas that lead to increasingly safe and responsible motorcycling. The workshop is an interactive and fun session, not a boring safety lecture. The session will last approximately 90 minutes.

Contact Bob Leitch to register. Registration closes March 16. Coffee and refreshments will be served. The session will take place on Sunday, March 20 at 10:00 AM at the National Little League Park clubhouse. If you have previously indicated a desire to attend this workshop, I would appreciate another e-mail to confirm.


Safety Workshop: Rider Perception

by Bob Leitch

Motorcycle riding requires a lot more than coordination and balance. It requires a keen perceptive ability that helps a rider see and evaluate all the important clues to respond effectively in traffic. Poor perception puts a rider at a disadvantage.

Our Safety session on “Rider Perception” will be held Saturday, February 19 at Mike Dangschat’s house starting at 10:00 AM. The goal of the session is to acquaint participants will the important aspects of visual perception, and how the brain and eyes work together to manage risk. The program is an interactive and fun session, not a boring lecture. The session is planned for an hour and a half. Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

In order to prepare enough handouts, please register for the workshop by return e-mail or calling Bob
Leitch before February 16. Please note that we can handle 24 -30 participants, so if we get too large
a response we may have to limit numbers. Mike’s address and any other administrative details will be
sent to participants before the session.