Share the Adventure-Group Riding Training Session

Our Club proudly hosts a number of group-riding events each year. On a good day, members arrive on time, prepared, and the ride progresses smoothly; a good time is had by all. On a bad day these events can challenge the patience, and much more importantly, the safety of all involved. Differing riding styles, a wide variety of riding-skills and different levels of cooperation among participants can tax the abilities and patience of the ride captain, and increase the risks of riding in a group.

BMWRVI presents a one-hour, classroom-only program that provides information on proper group riding procedures and techniques. Stressed are riding formations, traffic strategies, and group communication. A modern audio-visual is used to highlight key points. Take-away materials are provided.

This workshop will be held on Tuesday 20 March 2012 at 7:00 at a location TBD. There will again be a $5 fee to offset the cost of materials, refreshments, and rentals. Please let Bob Leitch know if you will be attending by 15 Mar 2012.


Safety Workshop - Rider Perception

The Beemer Reader article announced the first of our riding workshops. To date I have had little response, so I have extended the registration date (see below). I have also had a conflict come up so I need to move the session to Monday or Tuesday evening. Details are in the modified announcement below. Please let me know if you wish to attend and what your preferred date is. Safety Workshop – Rider Perception

Motorcycle riding requires a lot more than coordination and balance. It requires a keen perceptive ability that helps a rider see and evaluate all the important clues to respond effectively in traffic. Poor perception puts a rider at a disadvantage. Our Safety session on “Rider Perception” will be held on either Monday or Tuesday evening, 20 or 21 February, 2012 starting at 7:00 PM. The location and date will depend upon the number of participants and their preferences.

The goal of the session is to acquaint participants will the important aspects of visual perception, and how the brain and eyes work together to manage risk. The program is an interactive and fun session, not a boring lecture. The session is planned for an hour and a half. Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

In order to prepare enough handouts and determine a suitable location, please register and indicate your date preference for the workshop by return email or by calling Bob Leitch (250)656-6694before 15 Feb 2012. Note that there may be a small charge to cover the cost of the refreshments and room rentals.


TROC 2012

Hello All Riders,

As 2011 draws to a close, it is time to think about the New Year.  Our tradition of a “Toast to the Rest of Canada” continues. We will again meet at the Island view Beach for the event, details are below. I’m seeking RSVPs.

  • 13:00 Meet at Island View Beach: meet, swap stories, take a dip (Paul is looking for company), toast, and group photo
  • 14:00 Travel to/Arrive at Bob’s for chili, coffee, more stories, motorcycle videos, and bowl games

Dress warm for the beach activities and bring a suitable libation for the toast. Cameras are welcome!

Coffee, tea and some soft drinks will be available at Bob’s. There will be meat and vegetarian chilis and a carrot cake for those with a sweet tooth.

For those that don’t wish to meet for the toast at the beach, they can proceed directly to Bob’s house.

PLEASE RSVP by 28 Dec so that we can make enough chili.


September Ride - Pacific Marine Circle Route

Hi All,

We have one more ride planned for this calendar year and it's a nice ride that is forecast to be a beautiful day. The route is the Pacific Marine Circle Route.

We will be departing from the Tim Horton's at Costco - 739 McCallum Rd, Langford - at 9:30 and make our way along the coastline on Hwy 14 to The Coastal Kitchen Cafe, 17245 Parkinson Rd in Port Renfrew for lunch at around 11:45 am.  

After Lunch we will continue across the island through Cowichan Lake and south back to Victotria.   If you haven't done this loop before you are in for a treat.

Would you please let me know if you plan to make it out.

Thanks so much.



Summer BBQ Sunday!

Hello Fellow Riders,

It's time for our Summer BBQ!

Sunday 14 August starting 11:30.  Have a burger and discuss the route you will take going home.

The club will supply burgers, salad, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and ice cream cones.

We have chairs, but if anyone is coming by car, then please do bring a spare camping chair.

Please RSVP to Klaus Kreye by 16:00 Thurs 11 Aug 2011 to indicate that you'll be joining us. 

We will have a limited number of veggie burgers - please let us know.

Location at Chez Klaus
1055 Liberty Drive