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Safety Workshop - Rider Perception

The Beemer Reader article announced the first of our riding workshops. To date I have had little response, so I have extended the registration date (see below). I have also had a conflict come up so I need to move the session to Monday or Tuesday evening. Details are in the modified announcement below. Please let me know if you wish to attend and what your preferred date is. Safety Workshop – Rider Perception

Motorcycle riding requires a lot more than coordination and balance. It requires a keen perceptive ability that helps a rider see and evaluate all the important clues to respond effectively in traffic. Poor perception puts a rider at a disadvantage. Our Safety session on “Rider Perception” will be held on either Monday or Tuesday evening, 20 or 21 February, 2012 starting at 7:00 PM. The location and date will depend upon the number of participants and their preferences.

The goal of the session is to acquaint participants will the important aspects of visual perception, and how the brain and eyes work together to manage risk. The program is an interactive and fun session, not a boring lecture. The session is planned for an hour and a half. Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

In order to prepare enough handouts and determine a suitable location, please register and indicate your date preference for the workshop by return email or by calling Bob Leitch (250)656-6694before 15 Feb 2012. Note that there may be a small charge to cover the cost of the refreshments and room rentals.