November Beemer Reader out now!


Annual General Meeting: Saturday, October 18

A reminder that we are holding our AGM on Saturday, October 18.  The AGM will be held at the South Vancouver Island Rangers facility starting at 16:30.  After the meeting discussions there will be pizza for attendees at 18:00. 

So we can order enough pizza, please let me know if you will be attending by noon on Friday, October 17.



October Beemer Reader now available

Dishin’ the Dirt on the Circle Tour with Geoff Stevenson, Club Schedule, AGM October 18


Port Renfrew and Cowichan Lake, September21

A beautiful late-summer morning (or is it fall already?) made for a great ride from the Westshore to Port Renfrew, with lunch at the Coastal Kitchen Cafe.


BMW Classic Live for Club Members

Since 2008, BMW Classic, in its magazine "BMW Classic live", provides information on major events in BMW history such as the legendary annual general meeting of 1959, big jubilees such as 40 years of BMW M GmbH and of course details of vehicle history. There are still some remainders of the various editions on stock which now should be reduced due to logistical reasons.

For this reason BMW Classic offers all members of official BMW Clubs through 30th September 2014 issues of the magazine "BMW Classic live" for free (see listing).

Please note: the magazines are not for resale! The offer is valid while stocks last and until 30th September 2014!
Interested clubs and members can use the order form to order the requested issues. The order form is to be sent to: and